Hair Loss For Men

Superior Hair is one of New Zealand's leading providers of hair-replacement systems, custom hairpieces, custom hair units, and accessories. We’ve been in the business since 2003. Our custom-made hair-replacement solutions are available for both men and women. We utilise the very latest in technological advances to give you hair that looks and feels natural so that you can look your best without any surgical procedures.

Q: What does "custom-made” really means?

A: We don’t use the term "custom” lightly. To us, and to our clients, custom-made means your hair-replacement system is tailored to fit you. Your new hairpiece will be shaped and sized to match your unique balding pattern. It will be colour-matched, cut, and styled to blend naturally with your own natural growing hair. We will design and create a hair piece that is perfect for your hair type; density, texture, using the most appropriate hair for your need and personally prepared for you so that it is ready to enjoy.

Our custom-made hair-replacement solution utilise the very latest technological advances to give you hair that looks and feels natural so that you can look your best. With our state-of-the-art hair systems you can wash your hair in the shower, play sport, go swimming, and enjoy your life without ever having to worry about your hair.

We are the experts in determining the best method of hair replacement for you. Come in for a free consultation and let us help pick your new great look.

All of our hair-replacement solutions are handcrafted with the best-quality human hair.

With our extensive experience and access to a wide range of products, we are able to offer significant flexibility. If you have a hair system you have used before that you wish to have again, or perhaps a system you read about online or had recommended by a friend, we are happy to source anything for you. We can even duplicate a hairpiece if you previously had one you liked but it is no longer available.

2. Come in for a free consultation
3. The hairpiece is made
4. Come back for a fitting appointment
5. Ongoing Maintenance of your hair system
6. outstanding customer support

• Hair Unit Repairs and maintenance
• Duplicate your previous hair unit
Some customers don’t have the time to wait for a custom-made piece to be made. If you want a hair system that you can wear immediately, we have a full range of ready-to-wear hair-replacement solutions in stock.

These are all of the best-quality human hair and feature the same durability and attention to detail as our custom-made systems. We have a range of ready-to-wear sizes available to suit you.

We offer the same free consultation and service that comes with the custom-made hair systems. We will fit the hairpiece for you and cut and style it, and will also guide you in how to affix, style, and maintain it.

Unfortunately, ready-to-wear solutions aren’t suitable for everyone. If you have a specific balding area, or need a variance with colour blending, you may not be a candidate for our stock hair systems. Contact us to find out whether a ready-to-wear system might suit you, or, if you prefer, we can determine this at your consultation.
What is the hair loss subsidy?
The Wigs and Hairpieces Service Payment is a government payment to people who suffer from serious hair loss becauseof a medical condition or from certain cancer therapies. The payments are to reduce the cost of purchasing and maintaininga wig or hairpiece or other related products.