At Superior Hair we can cosmetically re-create very believable integrated hair systems that are perfect for you.
You CAN have hair again; you no longer have to live your life bald.

We understand that hair replacement can be a personal and sensitive issue.
You may feel apprehensive at the thought of investigating and discussing it.

Founder and CEO Stuart Angus has been through the process and knows the challenge.
One of the main reasons Stuart created Superior Hair was to make the experience easier for other people facing hair unwanted loss.
We believe there are three factors necessary to make your hair system truly undetectable. The first is getting it professionally custom-designed to be the perfect shape for your head as well as the ideal texture, density, colour, and length for you. The second is ensuring your hairpiece is of the highest quality. The third is having it professionally cut and styled to suit you.. 
Q: What does "custom-made” really means?

A: We don’t use the term "custom” lightly. To us, and to our clients, custom-made means your hair-replacement system is tailored to fit you. Your new hairpiece will be shaped and sized to match your unique balding pattern. It will be colour-matched, cut, and styled to blend naturally with your own natural growing hair. We will design and create a hair piece that is perfect for your hair type; density, texture, using the most appropriate hair for your need and personally prepared for you so that it is ready to enjoy.

Our custom-made hair-replacement solution utilise the very latest technological advances to give you hair that looks and feels natural so that you can look your best. With our state-of-the-art hair systems you can wash your hair in the shower, play sport, go swimming, and enjoy your life without ever having to worry about your hair.
Our consultations are free, private, and confidential. We are here to provide you with a professional service at affordable prices, so you can enjoy having hair again.